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MPower Girls Teacher Manual
When we think of aggression or anger in the school yard we often associate this with boys, however it is increasingly apparent that girls are just as capable of bullying and aggression. MPower Girls explores the relationships girls have with each other and the secret world of girls' aggression. The program deals with issues of bullying, cyber-bullying, cliques and how girls relate to one another.
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MPower Girls training program explores issues of bullying, self esteem and relationships between girls, assisting them to develop skills to cope and respond to issues such as; teasing, gossip, exclusion and other situations common among young women.  
The purpose of the program is to:
• reveal and explore the nature of girls
• better understand girls’ relationships
• practise new ways of relating
• develop the confidence to express feelings honestly.

MPower Girls is designed to reduce the impact of relationship aggression between girls, which in its most common forms revolves around rumour spreading, exclusion and manipulation of others the secret world of girl’s aggression.  

Contents include: 
About MPower Girls
Introduction – MPower Girls
Introduction – MPower Girls and Cyber-bullying
Materials List
Who is Power Girl
Girls’ Stuff
Exploring Feeling
Developing Empathy
Be Real, Say How You Feel
Finding Power Girl
Tuning into Feelings
Working Together: Cliques and Friendship Groups
Appreciating Others
Addressing Cyber-bullying
Where to From Here
Resources Pack


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